• Q."I found quite a few websites selling Guarana. Is it safe to buy there with my credit card?"
    A. We don't know. Giving away your credit card at a hotel counter is probably more risky than buying something online, but check first if you are using a secure connection (recognizable by the closed lock at the bottom of your browser screen) or not. There is no guarantee however that the people on the other side are trustworthy. Check with your credit card company for more information about the dangers of using your credit card on the Internet.
  • Q."Some shops keep telling me that Guarana does miracles when you want to lose weight."
    A. If this were true, we would start selling it immediately and become rich. Before you try these products, read this first.
  • Q. "What is the best Guarana soft drink?"
    A. It's a matter of taste. Most votes (including ours) went to Antarctica and Brahma, two Brazilian brands. Sorry, we didn't try everything that is sold out there! Beverage companies are encouraged to send us their products - we might change our minds!
  • Q. "Why is Guarana so expensive outside Brazil?"
    A. Because it's imported, it's exotic, and some companies use the powerful image of Guarana to boost profits.
  • Q. "Hey, I made a cool site about Guarana! Can you please add our URL?"
    A. Send your URL to webmaster@guarana.com and we'll take a look. If it's really good, we even might offer you some space on our server, and an e-mail address @guarana.com.
  • Q. "May we link to your site?"
    A. Of course.
  • Q. "May we copy information from your site and put it on ours?"
    A. Yes, but mention us as the source, and link to us. We would appreciate if you drop us an e-mail with your URL.
  • Q. "Is your Web site a busy one?"
    A. We can't complain. During march 2003, we logged 44.000 pageviews.
  • Q. "Who are you guys?"
    A. Guarana.com is owned and maintained by a beautiful Brazilian lady and a guarana-crazy Dutchman.

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