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Search all newsgroups containing the word 'Guarana'. ****
BevNet Site dedicated to beverages. Offers reviews, links and more. ****
Maria Brazil All about Brazilian culture, plus a recipe for guarana punch. ****
Guarana Home Page The oldest page on the Internet with information about guarana. ***
RainTree Botanical information about guarana. *** More botanical information about guarana. ***
Global Gourmet Articles for travellers about Brazilian food and drinks. ***
Healthcare Reality Check Small article about guarana, discussing possible dangers. **
Guarana: The Energy Seeds and Herbs of the Amazon Rainforest Book by Michael van Straten, sold by **

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Mona Xuna Brazilian artist, living in the USA. She makes (and sells) great paintings related to Guarana and Brazil. Worth a visit. **** Very popular Dutch page with hundreds of Brazil-related links, divided in categories. Includes a forum. **** Well maintained Dutch links page, dedicated to all kinds of drinks. Includes sodas as well as alcoholic beverages. ****

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Cool stuff for nerds.
Guaraná Homebase An Austrian percussiongroup, dedicated to the interpretation of ethnic Brazilian rhythms. ****
Guarana Music English band, making music that can be described as a mixture of funk and rock. ****
Rudolf & Simone Two of our friends, who have a nice page about themselves and Brazil. ****
Capivara Funny one-page site of one of our fans. Check out his Web awards ;) ** A Dutch friend of ours, who maintains a popular website about sailing schools. ****
ZR-7S Motorcycle Kawasaki ZR-7S Owner's Page (in Dutch) **** How well does your motorcycle dealer perform? (in Dutch) **** Best Dutch motorcycle e-zine I have ever seen *****

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