Guarana Products



180 Energy drink based on guarana and vitamins.
Antarctica The #1 guarana soda brand in Brazil. In Portuguese only.
Bawls Guarana USA Offers product information, fun stuff, and a bulletin board.
Bawls Netherlands Dutch Web site of Bawls Guarana. New!
Battery Guarana-based drink, with vitamins and other ingredients.
Black Booster Producer of the guarana-based energy drink Black Booster.
Bomba Produces Bomba Blue, a guarana-based energy drink.
Brahma The #2 guarana soda brand in Brazil. In Portuguese only.
Cult Energy drink containing guarana and ginseng.
Dark Dog Fancy energy drink based on guarana.
Epop The first lollipop with Guarana! New! Various guarana-based energy drinks, aimed at body builders.
Hansen's Functionals Produces a few guarana sodas, such as 'Energy'.
Hype Energy drink based on guarana, ginseng, and vitamin B.
Indrinks Producer of guarana-based energy drink 'Blue Ox'.
Jo Mints Mints that offers a quick energy boost, thanks to Guarana. New!
Jones Soda Producer of two guarana-based energy drinks.
Kuat The #3 guarana soda brand in Brazil. In Portuguese only.
Magic Featuring guarana, ginseng, and fructose as its main ingredients.
Naturabella Brazilian guarana brand. Site in Portuguese only.
Naturon Energy drink based on Guarana, Ginseng, and Catuba. New!
Nexcite (formerly Niagara) American guarana-based energy drink. Online ordering.
Red Eye Australian producer of guarana-based energy drinks.
Rev Home of Rev, a manufacturer of guarana-based drinks.
Rock Star Energy drink based on guarana, and ginseng.
Shark Energy Fancy guarana energy drink, displayed on a fancy site.
SoBe Beverages Producer of sodas and teas based on guarana.
Sol Rio Seattle-based company. Uses original Brahma extract.
Solid Energy Vodka in jelly. Two products contain guarana.
Source Burn Guarana drink with 118 mg of caffeine per can (!)
TalkingRain Makers of 'Tropical Ice' energy drinks, containing guarana.
The Guaraná Company Offers guarana sodas 'Black Booster', 'Breeze', and Brahma.
Tropisoda Original Brazilian Guarana soda variety.
US Energy Drink Energy drink from US Beverage Company.
WildLife Guarana Australian producer of guarana products.
Xi Producer of 'Xi Strenght', an energy drink based on guarana.
XTC Guarana-based drink from a Luthianian manufacturer.
XTZ Guarana-based drinks, such as X-Drink and XTZ Tea.
V Trendy energy drink, based on guarana.
Venom (1-866-22-VENOM) Guarana, ginseng, and bee pollen - sounds like a nice mix. New!
Veryfine Various guarana-based drinks and juices.

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